(Big) Google Pay On Air – Win 2 Free Scratch Cards with assured rewards upto Rs 1000

Google Pay On Air – After popularity of Google Tez Shot Game and Diwali Game, Google Pay is back with another such reward offer which is relatively very easy. You just have to listen to two ads as you must already be doing on Youtube. This offer is named as Google Pay On Air where you have to listen to any Google ad(s) two times and you’ll win 2 Free Scratch Cards with assured rewards upto Rs 1000. You’ll get minimum Rs 10 in each scratch card.

Google Pay On Air Proof

Note : Earlier this offer was only for Kerala State but now it’s available for all the states.

How to Win 2 Free Scratch Cards with assured rewards upto Rs 1000?

1. First of all, download Google Pay or update the app (if you already have it).

2. Register for an account using code : y92Yq (if you haven’t already).

3. Now, open the app and go to promotions tab on your dashboard.

Google Pay On Air Promotion Tab

4. Tap on this “On-Air” option.

5. Now, go to Youtube and search for “Google Pay Ad” and play any video or click here –> Google India Youtube Playlist from any other device.

Google Pay On Air Ads list

6. As soon as you click on “On-Air”, Google Pay will ask for Microphone Permission and start listening to Google Pay Ad.

Google Pay On Air Listening

7. Google Pay On-Air will automatically catch that ad playing on other device.

Google Pay On Air Ad Caught

8. You’ll get a scratch card now that you can see in your reward section which has assured rewards worth Rs 10 to Rs 1000.

Google Pay On Air Scratch Card win

9. Go to rewards section now and perform the task asked on the scratch cards.

Google Pay On Air Scratch Cards

10. That’s it. Scratch the cards and get your assured rewards into your Bank directly.


Google Pay On Air Proof

Terms & Conditions
  • You can earn one scratch card each time you tune in to a qualifying ad, up to a maximum of two scratch cards each worth ten Indian Rupees  (INR 10) to one thousand Indian Rupees (INR 1000) during the offer period.
  • To redeem this offer, you must record an eligible Google Pay ad on television or YouTube. The list of eligible Google Pay ads for this offer include:
    • Any Google Pay ads running on television in India during the offer period
    • The ads currently live on this Google India YouTube playlist.
    • To identify the audio ad, we ask for permission to activate your microphone. Any generated recordings will be used only to identify your eligibility for this offer, and will be deleted immediately thereafter.
  •  Follow the steps below on how to capture an audio reward:
    • When you see a Google Pay ad running on television or YouTube (any ads on this Google India YouTube playlist), open the Google Pay app. On the home screen, tap the On-Air icon.
    • Allow Google Pay to access your microphone in order to listen to the ad.
    • The microphone only listens on this On-Air page, and the audio never leaves your device.
    • Bring your phone close to the audio and stay on the On-Air page for at least 20 seconds for the Google Pay app to obtain an accurate match.
    • If the app finds a positive match, you will earn a scratch card!
  • In the event that the audio cannot be identified by the Google Pay app, you can retry in an environment with less noise or increase the volume of the ad.
  • This offer will end on 2 December 2019 at 11.59 p.m. IST India Standard Time.
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