ICICI – Get Rs 50 cashback for every biller registration on Billdesk Bill Pay service

ICICI Cashback Biller Registration Tired of remembering the due dates of all your bills? Let us make it easy for you. If you are an ICICI user, you can register all your billers on the Billdesk Bill Pay service and setup auto-bill payment using your ICICI Bank Credit card. Not just that, you’ll also get Rs 50 cashback for every biller registration. So, hurry up and register.

Biller Registration Cashback ICICI Credit Card

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How to Get Rs 50 cashback for every biller registration on the Billdesk Bill Pay service?

1. Visit the Billdesk Bill Pay offer page >> Click on “Click here to Proceed”.

2. Now, set up your ICICI Bank Credit Card for the Billdesk Bill Pay service.

3. Provide the details of your ICICI Bank Credit Card that you wish to use for setting up the Standing Instruction >> Select your location

4. Choose the location of your biller and select the biller from the available list >> Add your billers.

5. Enter the details required for your biller. For each biller that you add, you will be informed of the service start date for that biller.

6. Done!!! Enjoy the convenience of ICICI Bank Credit Card Billdesk Bill Pay service.

Terms and conditions :-
  • Rs. 50 cashback for every biller you register for the first 3 months.
    • Rs. 50 will be credited as cashback upon each payment of bill registered on your credit cards within 90 days.
  • Please provide a self-attested copy of any one of the last three bills received from your utility bill company.
  • You will receive a biller activation confirmation through SMS/ e-mail. Till then, continue making bill payments towards the above-mentioned utility company bill outstanding.
  • The amount will be debited from the Primary Credit Card and standing instruction facility is applicable to all VISA/MasterCard variants.
  • No additional authentication is required for a transaction executed through standing instruction. This will be executed based on a one-time declaration.

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